Are you ready to become your healthiest self?

As a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, I want to help you learn to enjoy healthy habits within the context of your busy life. You deserve to feel like your best self every day — without depriving yourself or stressing over every food choice. Together, let’s tackle your health goals and rediscover how amazing it feels to treat yourself with compassion.

Through individual counseling, both in my Brooklyn office and virtually across the states, I’m dedicated to helping my clients make long-term changes by specializing in:

  • General health and wellness

  • Weight management

  • Management of blood cholesterol, blood pressure, and blood sugar

  • Digestive disorders


75-Minute Initial Session

Includes a full nutrition assessment, development of your personalized action plan based on your big picture goals, and an email recap of the session with applicable handouts.


Follow-Up Session Options

Individual Follow-Up Session

Includes one 45-minute follow up session.

3 Follow-Up Session Package

Includes three, 45-minute follow up sessions that will be scheduled 2-3 weeks apart.

6 Follow-Up Session Package

Includes six, 45-minute follow up sessions that will be scheduled 2-3 weeks apart.


Services Included with Your Package


What People Are Saying

“I cannot say enough great things about Laura. I not only learned more about nutrition, I also learned to truly enjoy eating healthy food — imagine that! She helped me shift my focus away from short-term weight loss to long-term healthy eating habits without the strict dieting and guilty feelings. She was so supportive and non-judgmental, and truly cared about my health. ”

— Stephanie S.

“I’ve always known my eating and exercise habits weren’t perfect, but it wasn’t until my doctor told me I was pre-diabetic at just 29 years old that I realized it was time to get serious about my health. But I wasn’t sure where to start and I struggled to stay motivated on my own. That’s why I called Laura. She taught me a new way of thinking about food that focuses on eating real food and listening to my body, not counting calories or following other restrictive rules. Laura always makes me feel heard and valued, and she helped me learn to feel more comfortable in my own body while making health a priority. After 6 months of working together, I got rid of my pre-diabetes, lost 18 lbs, and feel more energetic throughout the day! Thank you!”

— Andrew W.

“Laura is really passionate about nutrition and about helping me improve all aspects of my health — my eating and exercise habits, sleep, stress… She is a thoughtful, compassionate dietitian who digs deeper to connect the dots into whatever your health issue may be. I’ve been working with Laura for over four months now and would recommend her to anyone. Since I’ve started seeing her, I’ve finally stopped feeling so bloated and sluggish all the time, and can actually go to the bathroom like a normal person! She is extremely knowledgeable about nutrition and committed to finding a solution for me.”

— Emily T.

My Philosophy

I believe in the power of real, whole foods to help you feel your absolute best. The evidence is clear: choosing more whole foods over processed foods can improve all aspects of your health — from reducing your risk of chronic disease to losing weight to helping you feel better throughout each day. Forget the fads, let’s get back to the food humans were designed to eat.

My approach throws diet rules, calorie counting, and meal plans out the window though — and for good reason. Strict diets don’t work and there is no one-size-fits-all solution to nutrition. Your goals and your life are unique, so your plan to reach them must be too.

In order to make effective and sustainable behavior changes, we need to take real life factors into account. I want to listen and learn about you, your lifestyle, preferences, past experiences (the good and the bad), values, and more. With my nutrition knowledge and experience — and your expertise of your own mind and body — we will find a plan that works for you both in the short-term and long-term.

Let’s make sure healthy eating is easy and enjoyable, not boring and forced.


Frequently Asked Questions

+ How do I get started?

Click here to schedule your free 15-minute phone consult. We’ll discuss your health challenges and goals, and how I can help you make sustainable changes.

+ What happens in an initial session?

In our initial 75-minute session, I’ll do a comprehensive assessment to get to know you better. We’ll discuss your health history, eating habits, lifestyle, values, and so much more. Together, we'll create a personalized nutrition and lifestyle plan with realistic action steps to reach your health and wellness goals. Afterwards, you can expect an email recap with your plan as well as other helpful handouts and resources.

+ How do follow-up session packages work?

You can purchase follow-up sessions individually, or as a three session package or six session package.

In each 45-minute follow-up session, we’ll celebrate your successes and problem solve any obstacles. We’ll reinforce and revise your personalized plan to keep moving towards your goals. I’ll be there to provide support and accountability throughout your whole health journey.

We’ll meet every 2-3 weeks after your initial session. I’m also available for unlimited email support between sessions.

+ How long will this process take?

It depends. Your progress will depend on your goals, your lifestyle, your biology, and more. True, long-lasting change takes commitment, introspection, time, and support. We’ll dig deep to find the root of your concerns in order to develop healthier habits that will feel intuitive and enjoyable for the rest of your life.

+ Do you accept insurance?

I don’t accept insurance, but I can provide a superbill (medical receipt) upon request. If your insurance company reimburses for dietitian services, you can submit the superbill to them and they may reimburse you directly.

+ Where are you located? Can we meet virtually?

My office is located at 1 N 4th Place in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. It is a short walk from the Bedford Ave station via the L train, or a slightly longer walk from the Metropolitan Ave station via the G train.

If you don’t live nearby or are too busy to travel, I’m also happy to meet through video chat (Facetime or Skype). For a small additional fee, I can come to you.

+ What is the difference between a "Registered Dietitian" and a "Nutritionist"?

Anyone can call themselves a nutritionist, but only a registered dietitian (RD) or registered dietitian-nutritionist (RDN) has the credentials to prove their expertise. Although some RDs choose to call themselves nutritionists, other individuals with no formal nutrition education may also use the term to sound more credible.

In addition to holding a bachelor's degree, an RD or RDN must fulfill an accredited nutrition curriculum, complete over 1200 hours of supervised practice at a health care facility, and pass a rigorous registration exam.

+ Have another question?

Send me an email and I’ll do my best to back to you the same day!

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